2021 2nd International Conference on Urban Construction and Management Engineering
Keynote Speaker


Prof. Gongduan Fan

College of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University


Dr. Gongduan Fan received his PhD degree in Municipal Engineering at Chongqing University and conferred the Award for Outstanding Graduate Students in 2012. Then, he joined the College of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University. In 2011, the Commission of Fuzhou University honored him as “Qishan Scholar”. He was sponsored by Outstanding Youth Project in 2018, a talent program sponsored by Fujian Science and Technology Committee. He was promoted to full professor in 2020. He enrolls master and doctoral level students and postdoctoral research fellows every year in the field of Municipal Engineering. His research interests center on water pollution control, especially in the field of modified materials and photocatalytic technology. His research projects have been funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China, Outstanding Youth Fund of Fujian Province, Open Project Program of National Engineering Research Center for Environmental Photocatalysis, and various funding agencies in China. He has published more than 70 articles in a series of internationally renowned magazines such as Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Chemical Engineering Journal and Journal of Hazardous Materials. (Scopus author ID: 2161754).

Speech Title: Hydrologic characteristics and nitrogen removal performance by different formulated soil medium of bioretention system

Abstract: Bioretention systems have been widely used to reduce stormwater runoff pollution. However, there are few researches on how to ensure the nitrogen removal performance while meeting the requirements of the hydrologic performance of the bioretention systems. Formulated soil medium is a key factor affecting hydrologic characteristics and nitrogen removal performance. Therefore, seven bioretention systems have been constructed with different formulated soil medium, including three regional guidelines groups, three different modifier addition groups, and one control group. The effects of different formulated soil medium on hydrological performance and nitrogen removal performance of bioretention systems were evaluated. The results showed that the infiltration rate, water retention volume rate and nitrogen leaching risk could be significantly reduced with the silt content increasing and the addition of modifiers, while the moderate silt content (10%) had excellent NO3eN removal efficiency (71.6% ± 19.8%). AC as a high-efficiency soil improver can be reasonably used in practical projects. Additionally, it was found that the capillary/non-capillary hydrophobicity of formulated soil might be an important indicator for assessing the nitrogen removal performance through the correlation analysis between the physical and chemical properties of the formulated soil medium, hydrological performance, and nitrogen removal performance. It is difficult to achieve the best hydrological performance and nitrogen removal performance in the bioretention system simultaneously, thus it is necessary to find a more suitable soil medium formula to balance the two performance. This study may contribute to a greater understanding of the influence of formulated soil medium on hydrological performance and nitrogen removal performance in bioretention systems


Assoc. Prof. Yu Chen

School of Civil Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University


Dr. Yu Chen  received his Eng.D in Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2014. Currently, he is an Assoc. Prof from School of Civil Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University.  He served as reviewer for the following internationally renowned journals in the geotechnical engineering industry:《Construction and Building Materials》《Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology》《Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering》《International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences》《Geotechnical Testing Journal》《Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering》《Advances in Mechanical Engineering》   

Speech Title:  Analysis of the bolt performance in rock engineering construction

Abstract: The bolt anchorage performance in rock engineering with shear force has been analysed in this paper. By coding in Matlab, the loop and the judgment statement can be used to control the displacement angle. The force-displacement curve of the analysis model from the beginning of loading to the failure of the bolt under a certain displacement loading angle is obtained. In the test and field, the values of displacement and force before failure and the load-displacement curves before the peak value can be obtained by using the program with the parameters. The bolt deformation in different strength surrounding rock mass and the anchoring influence of the rock bolt with different diameters have been studied. The resultant displacement increases linearly with the increase of the bolt, and the resultant force increases exponentially with the increase of the bolt. The numerical simulations show that different types of bolts have similar load capacities, while their deformation capacities are different. The numerical results match the laboratory test results. The different deformation capacities of rock bolts are attributed to their different bonding conditions and stretching lengths. 


Prof. Qingyu Zhang

Director of the Research Institute, Shenzhen University


Dr. Qingyu Zhang is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the Research Institute of Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management at Shenzhen University, China. His research interests are sustainable operations,social responsibility, and supply chain management.

Speech Title:  Information Exchange in a Supply Chain with Group Purchasing